A Nest of Strange Little Creations: Collected Poems

"Wonderfully written poetry, beautiful imagery and real emotions.  A Nest of Strange Little Creations is a great read and highly recommended, but reading her latest works I'm also looking forward to the next book with great anticipation."


Ben Freeman-Montrose

Night Owl: Selected Poetry

"I so loved this collection of poetry by Hayley-Jane. The tone of her poetry has a very powerful depth of feeling wherewith bare honesty she strips away any veneer and you are honoured to see a soul laid bare. Feelings are beautifully sculptured with words and the emotion cuts into your heart leaving the reader touched and moved. If you have been or are in a dark place you will feel through her words you are not alone, if not you may begin to understand the pain that brings. Poetry at best speaks to the soul it is an art of words as seen in Hayley-Jane's work ... Absolutely wonderful".


Sandra Andrew-Stonehaven

A Nest of Strange Little Creations: Collected Poems

"A wonderful collection of poetry. Very honest and bold yet delicate. The imagery is beautiful and she says in one line what I would struggle to say in four. Highly recommend."



Angie Payne-Wolverhampton

A Nest of Strange Little Creations: Collected Poems


"Universal themes and some less so are explored in this vibrant and provocative collection of poetry by newcomer HJS. A mirror is held up to our own personal experiences and we may not like what we see, but because of the nuanced writing style, we do want to read on and view the complete picture. Revisiting the collection at different times sheds a different light on her work and I thoroughly recommend to anyone interested in beautiful writing centred around what makes us human."

Ian Hastie-Stonehaven

Night Owl: Selected Poetry

"I really enjoyed this book. I felt the depth of the poems struck a chord with me in different ways. I would highly recommend this book".

Jayne Smith-Montrose

The poetry of HJS resonates with me on all kinds of unexpected levels. It is the unexpected that makes it special.

Dennis Forman-Stonehaven

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